Woman Crush Wednesday: Theresa “Tessa” Gray

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Tessa is amazing. She loves to read, adventure, and is insanely loyal, even when she probably shouldn’t be. She cares about her family to a fault and looks for the good in people.

Of course, she’s also beautiful, because what heroine isn’t? But I really like the fact that she loves to read. I love reading about characters who also love to read. It’s kind of meta but also fun to see them fangirl over a book while you’re in the middle of fangirling over a book. It was also interesting to see her love books during the 19th century, books that to me are considered classics and truthfully, not something I’d read voluntarily.

She made me want to do a book challenge of books Tessa Gray has read. Maybe I will one day.

The point is Tessa is great. She has this quick wit that makes her conversations with the infamous Will Herondale very funny to read and her kindness and love for Jem is heartbreakingly beautiful.

If you haven’t read The Infernal Devices trilogy yet, make sure you do. They’re a great read.

Favorite Moment:

“They’re not hideous,” said Tessa.
Will blinked at her. “What?”
“Gideon and Gabriel,” said Tessa. “They’re really quite good-looking, not hideous at all.”
“I spoke,” said Will, in sepulchral tones, “of the pitch-black inner depths of their souls.”
Tessa snorted. “And what color do you suppose the inner depths of your soul are, Will Herondale?”
“Mauve,” said Will.

Dreamcast: Anna Popplewell

Woman Crush Wednesday: Crescent “Cress” Moon Darnel


Cress is so incredibly sweet and definitely naive when we first meet her in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. She’s hopelessly in love with Thorne before she even meets him and doesn’t know anything about Earth because she’s been trapped on a satellite that orbits Earth most of her life.

If you haven’t read The Lunar Chronicles yet here’s a little backstory that I don’t think will really spoil anything for you. Cress is what’s called a shell, which means she doesn’t have the ability to control people like most people from Luna (the moon) do and she also can’t be controlled.

However, what Cress can do is hack and she’s pretty damn good at it. Hence why she was forced to live on this satellite where she had to do the bidding of the queen of Luna, Levana.

What I love most about Cress is that she’s so genuine and kind and she just wants to help people. But, also, she wants to destroy Levana just like every other main character in this series and she does everything in her power to take Levana down, including making some serious sacrifices.

Her hacking skills are out of this world (pun intended) and some of my favorite scenes were when she’d amaze everyone with her skills. I think sometimes Cress would be underestimated because she’s so sweet and cute when in actuality Cress can kick a** and take names with the best of them. Tech wise, anyway.

Honestly, I could talk about Cress for days but I’ll end here so I don’t give away too much. Basically, she’s one of my favorite characters in the series and if you can read these books and not fall in love with Cress I’m concerned for you.

Favorite Moment:

“My life is an adventure,” [Cress] said, growing confident as she opened her eyes again. “I will not be shackled to this satellite anymore.”

Dreamcast: AnnaSophia Robb

Woman Crush Wednesday: Scarlet Benoit


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I absolutely, positively love Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

Scarlet is witty, funny, brave, and strong. She doesn’t back down from a challenge and we first meet her she’s determined to do whatever it takes to find her missing grandmother.

Scarlet lives in a nice, quiet town in France, where she and grandmother run a farm. Scarlet continues to keep the place running when her grandmother goes missing and after she finds herself caught up in a world of crazy when her long lost father returns all Scarlet wants to do is get back to her life on the farm.

She can sometimes be blunt and jump into things without thinking but she is also very caring and kind. She doesn’t sugarcoat things, which makes her friendship with Princess Winter very funny to read. Some people even ship them but I don’t because…

Her relationship with Wolf is adorable. She’s his alpha and they work so well together. They’re my OTP for sure and I still don’t appreciate the emotional roller coaster Meyer put them and me on. Still, they’re adorable and both of them kick butt, which I love. They’re equals and partners and would literally do anything for each other.

Next week, I’ll continue The Lunar Chronicles love fest to talk about my girl Cress. Make sure to check back next week and comment below who your favorite character from the series is.

Favorite Moment:

“Alpha female,” [Wolf] murmured. “I sort of like that.”
Beaming, Scarlet gave a mild shrug. “It could grow on me.”

Dreamcast: Holland Roden

Woman Crush Wednesday: Linh Cinder



I don’t know how I’ve discussed so many characters from The Lunar Chronicles  and neglected to mention my all time fave character: Cinder.

Besides the fact that Cinder is a BAMF cyborg, she’s also just a genuinely kind person that always does her best to do the right thing despite all the crap that’s been thrown at her. She’s raised by a stepmother that hates her because of no fault of Cinder’s and a stepsister, Pearl, who also hated her.

The only two people in Cinder’s family that actually loved her was her younger stepsister, Peony, and the family android, Iko. What makes Cinder so incredibly beautiful is once she makes her own friends and gets the happy ending she deserves, she doesn’t become this hateful or spiteful person. She’s still just as kind, caring, and compassionate as she is at the start of the series.

Also, did I mention Cinder is an amazing mechanic? She can fix anything, including herself. Moreover, I love how she always has grease stains on her somewhere. Even when she’s wearing a dress and gloves she still ends up with grease on her. It’s like a permanent part of her and I love that the author, Marissa Meyer, created this character who’s female and beautiful but also isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

I like that Meyer’s didn’t try to make Cinder into a “tomboy” or “girly girl” but instead Cinder is just Cinder. She is pretty, smart, quick thinking, brave, scared, sad, happy, and strong. She is all these things and that’s what makes her such an amazing character. Getting to follow along as she discovered who she really is, and I don’t mean who everyone tells her she is, but who she wants to be and what she’s capable of, was probably my favorite thing about this series.

Also, don’t think I forgot about Scarlet. We’ll discuss her next week!

Favorite Line:

“You said yourself that the people of Luna need a revolutionary. So I’m going to Luna, and I’m going to start a revolution.”

Dreamcast: Shay Mitchell


Woman Crush Wednesday: Princess Winter


Continuing my Lunar Chronicles love fest, this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is Princess Winter.

Winter is the complete opposite of her evil stepmother, Queen Levana. Winter is kind and caring and despite what same may think, incredibly strong.

Although she suffers from a mental illness due to her refusal to use her Luna gifts (if you have no idea what this means PLEASE read the books, they’re amazing!) she pushes through it. She doesn’t let her hallucinations keep her down and instead tries her best to overcome them and be “normal.”

She cares about her friends deeply and does everything she can to help them and the people of Luna. Plus, she described as unbelievably beautiful. She’s so gorgeous people always assume she’s using a glamour (basically a magical kind of cover up that lets people see you how you want them to see you) but she isn’t. Even the scar she has on her face is said to just enhance her beauty, not diminish it.

Winter was one of my favorite characters and I honestly wish we could’ve seen more of her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t appear until the third book in the series, Cressand doesn’t really take centerstage until Winter.

Even so, Winter is amazing and I absolutely adored her.

Favorite Moment:

“Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been?” [Winter] said, crossing to [Jacin]. “I didn’t know if you were dead or being held hostage, or if you’d been eaten by one of the queen’s soldiers. It’s been driving me mad not knowing.”
He quirked an eyebrow at her.
She scowled. “Don’t comment on that.”
“I wouldn’t dare.”

Dreamcast: Alexandra Metz

Woman Crush Wednesday: Hermione Granger


If you haven’t heard the name, Hermione, at least once the week, you must’ve been living under a rock because it’s practically blown up my Newsfeed and Tumblr dash for the past few days.

But if you haven’t already heard the news, actress Noma Dumezweni has been cast to play Hermione Granger in the eighth installment of Harry Potter, which will be in the form of a play in England.

Of course people have their issues with this, as was probably to be expected when they made this casting decision, but honestly I could care less. J.K. Rowling has since issued this statement via Twitter:

Therefore as far as I’m concerned if she’s saying skin tone was left unspecified I’m going to believe her because, full disclosure, I haven’t finished reading the Harry Potter books yet anyways. But moreover, I feel like if anyone would know the race of their characters it would be the author.

But this post isn’t to dive in and try to say what skin color Hermione should or shouldn’t be. Honestly, I love the idea that Hermione is black but I also loved Emma Watson as Hermione. Truthfully the way I see it is Hermione’s race doesn’t change who she is and the fact that people are getting so upset at even the idea that Hermione could be a POC shows a lot about them as a person than it does about anything else. Just because Hermione is being played by a POC that doesn’t change how smart, beautiful, brave, and down right awesome Hermione is.

Hence why Hermione, no matter what race she is, is my woman crush Wednesday this week. She’s beautiful inside and out and I wish I could see this play live. I’m sure Dumezweni will kill it and I’d love to see her and Emma Watson meet and discuss what it’s like to play Hermione.

Honestly, I kind of find this whole situation funny because when POCs get mad that a white person is playing someone that was a POC in HISTORY, as in there is no way the person’s race could possibly be misinterpreted, many (not all) white people don’t see what the big deal is or can’t understand why it’s an issue. But God forbid a POC is put in to play a FICTIONAL character who’s race was never specified in the first place and (white) people get upset about it.

Can we just acknowledge the fact that Hermione’s race played no role in the Harry Potter novels? Her being white or black has no affect on the bad assery that is Hermione Granger. The fact that she’s a mudblood was the most important characteristic about Hermione and that hasn’t changed. So just accept that Hermione will now be played by a POC actress and let’s move on. Because honestly no matter how upset some people are, Dumezweni got the role fair and square and no one can take that away from her.

Favorite Line:

“As the Dark Lord becomes ever more powerful, your race is set still more firmly above mine! Gringotts falls under Wizarding rule, house-elves are slaughtered, and who amongst the wand-carriers protests?”
“We do!” said Hermione. She had sat up straight, her eyes bright. “We protest! And I’m hunted quite as much as any goblin or elf, Griphook! I’m a Mudblood!”
“Don’t call yourself —” Ron muttered.
“Why shouldn’t I?” said Hermione. “Mudblood, and proud of it!”

Woman Crush Wednesday: Cather “Cath” Avery


Woman Crush Wednesdays are BACK!!

After a long break I’m bringing these weekly posts back because I missed them and I’ve been reading so many books lately that there’s so many wonderful ladies to discuss.

First up is Cath Avery from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

Cath is pretty, quirky, shy, and anxious. What I love most about her is she’s not starting a revolution or a princess or anything crazy. She’s just a normal girl going through her first year at college and dealing with the stress of being away from her dad, and her twin sister, Wren, isn’t really there for her.

I related to Cath a lot. She loves books and writing and she does a lot of fanfiction. She’s basically the queen of fanfiction actually. Moreover, I liked that Cath had her own issues. She’s painfully shy to the point that she sometimes doesn’t eat because she didn’t know where the dining hall was and didn’t want to ask.

I liked that Cath wasn’t this crazy confident character that kicked ass but instead was a normal, relatable girl who eventually learned how to stand up for herself and went after what she wanted. She’s so relatable and I just wanted the best for her and rooted for her throughout the novel.

If you haven’t read Fangirl yet you should definitely check it out. It’s worth a read.

Favorite Line:

“How do you not like the Internet? That’s like saying, ‘I don’t like things that are convenient. And easy. I don’t like having access to all of mankind’s recorded discoveries at my fingertips. I don’t like light. And knowledge.”

Dream Cast: Jane Levy